Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016

See you in Amsterdam!

Retroreflectometer new generation
Retroreflectometer kit: Road marking, Signs and Road Studs retroreflectometer in one compact carrying case.

We will be at stand number 05.548.
Visit us: You will understand how definitely change your way of work.



Retroreflectometer article intertraffic

Advances over time.

Easylux clearly realized how unsafe and unsuitable big and heavy instruments are for road visibility control.

Reverse the old paradigms

The very first 4 (four) simultaneous observation angles vertical retroreflectometer: ISO 20471 compatible.


Retroreflectometer: Size makes the difference.

MiniReflecto. The Mini retroreflectometer

With only 2 kg and 25 cm, our new mini handheld
Retroreflectometer – Minireflecto is a market watershed for the old technology competitors, all of them big and heavy.

The very reduced size and weight makes the new MiniReflecto the ideal choice for field services. It also can be transported in the aircraft cabin as hand luggage.