EASYLUX and Potters support ACI’s APEX programmes

Mr. Kinn Moursund, representing Potters
Ballotini SAS, a provider of glass beads used with
airside markings to enhance reflectivity, donated
an EASYLUX retroreflectometer to the programme,
allowing assessors to demonstrate the necessity
of providing stakeholders with highly visible


“I am very pleased to support the ACI APEX
programme with this donation by Potters Ballotini
SAS,” said Moursund. “Measurements of the
visibility of the markings that are supported
by objective data provide best practice risk



The ACI Airport Excellent (APEX)
in Safety programme has been developing great
partnerships with many organizations and regulatory


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We reinvented the handheld retroreflectometer.

The MINI retroreflectometer is a groundbreaking technology that sets new standards and the current state-of-art on handheld devices.

Easylux presented an Autonomous retroreflectometer at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018. It is capable of following marking road lines and measuring horizontal retroreflection. In the near future, autonomous or remote controlled MINI retroreflectometers will perform measurements in critical sections or in areas that offer high risk to field workers’ safety or health.

Automatizing the process of retroreflectance measurement of road markings is an indicator of the countless possibilities the new technology of MINI retroreflectometers creates.

Small, portable devices require less valuable space in the marking truck and speed up the processes of loading and unloading them for measurement, with the added benefit of being easier to move from one site to another. On air travel, they can be transported as hand luggage, avoiding extra charges.

They are capable of performing more than 8000 continuous measurements using standard AA rechargeable batteries, which are safe and easy to replace. These state-of-the-art systems are highly reliable and certified to EN1436 standard.

We are leading the retroreflectance measurement technology. Thank you for visiting Easylux.









Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018