12 reasons to use the new MINI retroreflectometer

1 – Use standard AA-size batteries.

Workers who undertake air travel take benefit from the use of ordinary double-A batteries. They are easy to find and easy to replace at any time. The new MINI can make around 8000 sequential measurements per battery charge.

2 – Speed up loading and unloading process.

Small, portable devices require less valuable space in the marking truck and speeds up the processes of loading and unloading it for measurement.
It is easier to move from one site to another. On air travel, it can be transported as carry-on luggage, avoiding extra charges.

3 – Eliminate the operator’s fatigue by muscular effort.

If you still carry a 10-kg device to work with, you are far behind!

4 – Use with smartphones.

The EASYLUX app let’s you take photos, add notes, and export measurement results to third-party apps such as WhatsApp and Google Maps, or you can send all measured results by email.

The photos are combined with the measurement results, so that a single photographic record allows the complete analysis of the signage, becoming a powerful documentation tool.

5 – Avoid airplane extra fees and battery warnings.

The conquest of the portability: you can move your light and small road marking retroreflectometer in a backpack. For measurements in urban roads, technicians can now move by bicycle, subway, or train carrying a road marking retroreflectometer in a backpack, a practice unthinkable less than 4 years ago.

6 – Approved by independent test laboratory.

The MINI is certified to EN1436 and ASTM E1710 by StrAusZert Germany.

7 – External beam – Rain conditions compatible.

The MINI for road marking is an external beam instrument. It is completely immune to solar light or any kind of external light. It is highly valued by professionals who aim for demonstrate the behavior of materials under rain conditions or those who often make trips.

8 – Read profiled road markings up to 15 mm

The MINI measures the night visibility RL, the visibility under wet RLwet and continuous wetting conditions RL-2 rain of all shapes and colors of road markings, even RL profiled up to 15 mm without adjustments.

9 – Foldable and removable Day Visibility (Qd) optional

The patented foldable and removable Qd light source makes the user work simple and practical. The Qd light source can be removed if Day Visibility (Qd) measurements are not required.

10 – Ceramic working reference

The ceramic block calibration standard is stable and provide repeatable calibrations. Easylux instruments are calibrated at a factory laboratory and traceable in accordance with standards issued by NIST / METAS / IPT

11 – Fast Readings

Fast readings: Less than 1 second for RL. And just 1 second for both RL + Qd

12 – Free software tools.

There is no doubt that, when choosing a retroreflectometer, one must take into account the ease of handling and managing data. If a more detailed analysis is required, you can import data with Easydata, a free software compatible with all EASYLUX models.

All in one box

Retroreflectance KIT
You can bring all retroreflectometers – road marking, road studs, road signs – into a single light box.

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