12 reasons to use the new MINI retroreflectometer

1 – Use standard AA-size batteries. Workers who undertake air travel take benefit from the use of ordinary double-A batteries. They are easy to find and easy to replace at any time. The new MINI can make around 8000 sequential measurements per battery charge. 2 – Speed up loading and unloading process. Small, portable devices require less valuable space in

Retroreflectividad en condición de lluvia

El retroreflectómetro MINI tiene haz de luz externo. Es decir, la luz brilla fuera de la carcasa del instrumento y sobre el camino frente al instrumento. El haz de luz externo es esencial para medir la retroreflectividad en condición de lluvia ASTM E2832 y también es útil para mediciones en condición de humedad. Permite que las mediciones se realicen completamente

ГОСТ ИСО / ISO 20471

Вертикальный MiniReflecto располагает до четырех геометрий, ретрорефлектометр предназначен для точного измерения световозвращения RA дорожных знаков, защитной одежды и других материалов. Инновационная оптическая система измеряет до 4 (четырех) углов наблюдения одновременно. Угол входа (β) может быть зафиксирован (-4°/ 5°) или плавно отрегулирован оператором. Сочетание регулируемого угла входа с эксклюзивными 4 углами одновременного наблюдения позволяет точное определение световозвращения согласно всем международным стандартам.

Your mobile phone can revolutionize the road marking inspection work. With a single photo you have a complete analysis of the road marking. The MINI retroreflectometer APP for Android lets you take photos, add notes, and export photos that are combined with the measurement results. The MINI is smaller and convenient.

The Condition of Continuous Wetting (RL-2)

The MINI retroreflectometer instrument has an external light beam. That is,the light shines out of the instrument housing and on to the roadway away from the instrument. The external beam instruments are useful for the measurement of the wet condition.   The external beam instrument is essential for measuring retroreflectivity in the falling rain condition ASTM E2832. Here a spray


The Easylux MINI retroreflectometer for road markings. It is time to leave the large and heavy traditional retroreflectometers behind.

Convenient and smaller.

The MINI Retroreflectometer for road markings is convenient and smaller. With space aboard striping trucks at a premium , the MINI takes up much less space. For those staff who have to carry around and use the Retroreflectometer, the strain on the arms and legs with the MINI is significantly reduced.

How visible is it at night ?

Street markings and legends are vital for moving traffic safely and efficiently on city streets. How visible is it at night ?

Checking pedestrian crossing

The MINI retroreflectometer  improve the inspection on city centers. The technology miniaturization allows taking the equipment on the train or metro – a challenging task for users of traditional models – and offers valuable technical solutions, such as an external light beam and the use of standard AA rechargeable batteries, which are safe and easy to replace.    

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