Mini Retroreflectometer

We reinvented the Retroreflectometer

Easylux presents a revolutionary technology for nighttime visibility evaluation of road markings – The Mini Retroreflectometer.

Retroreflectometers are indispensable for improving driving safety. The current instruments for road markings are all with big dimensions and very heavy. They are not safe for working on the roads and cause discomfort to the users, both on the operation and the traveling.

The all-new Easylux Mini Retroreflectomer for road markings is almost 5 times lighter and smaller than the current marketing technology.

Our new Mini Retroreflectometer technology are changing the way technicians work with visibility control on road. It is the first innovation since 1980; in fact, to create an entirely new design we had to inventing an entirely new technology.

The sun-proof optics allows checking the visibility on conditions of rain and works with 15 mm profiled road markings without special adjustments. The Mini Retroreflectometer meets all international standards, uses standard AA battery and is airplane carry-on  baggage size compatible. The patented new technology of Easylux was certified by independent test labs and is approved for use in all Europe.

The Mini retroreflectometer can be controlled by a remote android smartphone and has a sun readable color touch screen display.
No retroreflectometer can match the performance, the design, the weight and the reduced size of the new MiniRetroreflecto.




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