Dynamic continuous Retroreflectometer

Road Studs Retroreflectometer – Field Measurements

Thanks to exclusive stray light suppression technology the user has full access to the measurement area at the time of reading. It makes correct field positioning and precise  entrance angle control possible.

Nylon Bag retroreflectometer

The Radical improvement on retrometer technology

The new generation of mini retroreflectometers has broken down the limitations imposed by the inconveniences of old technology and has been changing the way of working in various sectors.

Retroreflectometer new generation

Retroreflectance measurement kit

It does not seem possible. That you can bring all retroreflectometers – road marking, road studs, road sign – into a single light box. But it is.

Road Sign Retroreflectometer

High-mounted traffic signs.

A 1.8 to 5 meter adjustable extension pole and a remote control make working with high-mounted traffic signs easy with the new MiniReflecto.

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016

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