Easylux and XiaGuang Road Safety together at Intertraffic China

  Thank you for visiting Intertraffic China! The partnership with Xiaguang Road Safety was very productive in May 2018, where it was possible to show all the features and benefits of the Mini Retroreflectometer is a groundbreaking technology that sets new standards and the current state-of-art on handheld devices.  

12 razones para usar el nuevo retrorreflectómetro MINI

1 – Baterías estándar de tamaño AA.   Los trabajadores que realizan viajes aéreos se benefician del uso de baterías AA comunes, que son fáciles de encontrar y fáciles de reemplazar en cualquier momento. El nuevo MINI puede realizar alrededor de 8000 medidas secuenciales por carga de batería. 2 – Acelerar el proceso de carga y descarga.   Los dispositivos

12 reasons to use the new MINI retroreflectometer

1 – Use standard AA-size batteries.   Workers who undertake air travel take benefit from the use of ordinary double-A batteries. They are easy to find and easy to replace at any time. The new MINI can make around 8000 sequential measurements per battery charge. 2 – Speed up loading and unloading process.   Small, portable devices require less valuable

Dynamic Retroreflectometer . 15-meter (86.5/1.5) geometry

Fotométrica – Retrorrefletômetro Dinâmico

Easylux entrega equipamento dinâmico  geometria 15-metros (ABNT) para a empresa Fotométrica – www.fotometrica.com.br. O modelo dinâmico Easylux possui instalação rápida e gabaritada, compatível com qualquer tipo de veículo.

TECPAR – 4 Geometrias simultâneas

O Instituto de Tecnologia do Paraná – TECPAR – utiliza um modelo especial de retrorrefletômetro vertical clássico. Ele é capaz de medir até 4 ângulos de observação simultâneos nas geometrias de 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 grau.      

EASYLUX and Potters support ACI’s APEX programmes

Mr. Kinn Moursund, representing Potters Ballotini SAS, a provider of glass beads used with airside markings to enhance reflectivity, donated an EASYLUX retroreflectometer to the programme, allowing assessors to demonstrate the necessity of providing stakeholders with highly visible markings. “I am very pleased to support the ACI APEX programme with this donation by Potters Ballotini SAS,” said Moursund. “Measurements of the

Thank you for visiting Easylux

We reinvented the handheld retroreflectometer. The MINI retroreflectometer is a groundbreaking technology that sets new standards and the current state-of-art on handheld devices. Easylux presented an Autonomous retroreflectometer at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018. It is capable of following marking road lines and measuring horizontal retroreflection. In the near future, autonomous or remote controlled MINI retroreflectometers will perform measurements in critical sections or in areas