Mini Retroreflectometer

Save your space

Small, portable devices require less valuable space in the marking truck and speeds up the processes of loading and unloading it for measurement, with the added benefit of being easier to move from one site to another. On air travel, it can be transported as carry-on luggage, avoiding extra charges.


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Checking Pedestrian Crossings

Checking pedestrian crossings night visibility with the MINI retroreflectometer. For measurements in urban areas, technicians can move by bicycle, subway, or train carrying a road marking retroreflectometer in a backpack, a practice unthinkable less than 2 years ago.

The Easydata software tool

Easydata is a software tool developed to manage measured figures of all Easylux retroreflectometers.

Retroreflectometer evolution

The Retroreflectometer Evolution

The new generation of MINI retroreflectometers has broken down the limitations imposed by the inconveniences of old technology and has been changing the way of working in various sectors.

Retroreflectometer Android App

New Android App

Easylux releases a new Android App for MINI retroreflectometers.

American Traffic

ATSSA 2017 – Arizona – USA

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