Cat eye’s Retroreflectometer

Considering safety, it is the most complete device available in the market, as it can measure road studs from angles which are according to car and truck drivers’ viewpoints.

Retroreflective raised pavement markers (RRPMs) or road studs provide delineation on highways. They are highly important at night and under rain conditions, when road paintings become less effective at reflecting light to drivers.

The MINI retroreflectometer from Easylux is the very first portable technology for check any type of road studs at 0.2° (car drivers) and 1° (truck drivers) observation angle simultaneously.

Evaluating RRPM retroreflectivity, especially for critical observation angles that represent truck drivers’ position, is essential for safety of all road users.

Truck drivers’ geometry and precise entrance angle (ßH) adjustment. The dual angle road studs retroreflectometer 0.2° (0.3°) / 1.0° meets
EN1463, ASTM D4280 and ASTM E1696.