The Retroreflectometer Evolution

It is one of the first horizontal retroreflectometer from 1980 as registered  by Steffano Pallotta.

Today, traditional models only slightly differs from that old model in regards of size and shape.

Some manufacturers pride themselves on having added color screens, a digital processor, internal memory, GPS, among other technology upgrades to the 1980 model, regarding themselves as innovators or state-of-the-art holders.


Beside of modern features have been incorporated it becomes the same heavy (8 kg) and large (70 cm) box.

The MINI retroreflectometer from Easylux represents the first technological innovation in this field over the past 40 years. Easylux clearly realized how unsafe and unsuitable big and heavy instruments are for road visibility control.

The MINI technology is a watershed. No other retroreflectometer can match the performance, the design, the weight and the reduced size of the new
MINI retroreflectometer. It simply can’t be done.

Comparison between standard technology and the new Easylux MINI Retroreflectometer for road markings per EN1436 and ASTM E1710. It is time to leave the big, heavy dinosaurs of retroreflectometers in the past.

Large and heavy instruments are not safe for working on the roads and cause discomfort to the users  during both operation and traveling.